February 27th, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

Giving stuff away

Of course, the clean up of the computer room carried over into the spare room, and I started going through boxes and reorganising stuff in there. One thing that I found was a whole pile of fabric that I want to give away.

I doubt very much it will be any good for clothes making, but I'm sure the medievalist types out there would find a use for it. It was fabric from the Hitpoint (which has been closed for nearly 6 years now, which indicates how long I've had it for) and was mostly used in one of the rooms to make it look like the inside of a tent*. So, it's lots of wall hanging type materials, various patterns.

Anybody want?

* The Hit Point had four themed rooms for people to roleplay in. They changed over time, and it had at various stages a wizards dungeon, the inside of a tent, a forest glen, a comfy lounge room, a stark white operating theatre and a cyberpunk prison.
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This weekend

Mardi Gras this weekend.

I leave on Qantas flight QF0525 on Friday the 3rd at 1115 and land at Sydney airport at 1345.

I then leave again on Virgin Blue flight DJ253 on Monday the 6th at 1900 and land at Brisbane airport at 1925.

In between those two flights there is the parade itself Saturday night, followed by one of the after parties (no idea what at this stage).

I'm staying with ozisim for the duration.

Other than that very little is planned. Looking forward to it.