March 30th, 2006


Damn, one minute behind schedule

I had planned to have Friday Night Poker Club - Arkham Asylum Edition completed by Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I had it completed at 12:01 am on Thursday, one minute behind schedule! :)

There will probably be minor edits when I go over it before printing, but it's runable at this stage.

One to go, and since it's mostly a re-write it's not going to be a problem.
Me, Racing Stripes

T minus two weeks and counting...

Just over two weeks until the convention and things are progressing well.

According to the on-line rego, My games are doing well.

Session B - Powerplay: 20 players (max 30 to 50 ish)
Session C - Friday Night Poker Club: 15 players (max 24)
Session G - Ball of Dreams: 20 players (max 24)
Session K - Ball of Dreams: 6 players (max 24)
Session M - Friday Night Poker Club: 8 players (max 24)

I'm aware of a few other people that are intending to play Powerplay, but don't do the pre-reg thing, so that means it looks like good numbers there.

The only one I'm worried about is Ball of Dreams in Session G, since there's only 6 people pre-registered. However, I would guess that it will fill with the people who don't pre-register.

Can't wait!