May 26th, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

WTF! *giggle*

Driving to work this morning, I was waiting to turn left into Moggil Road as the traffic went by. One of the vehicles to go by me as I was waiting was an ambulance.

At first glance it looked like someone had blown up about half a dozen blue balloons and left them on the dash of the ambulance. Second glance clarified that thought.

Someone had blown up half a dozen blue gloves and left them on the dash of this ambulance.

WTF! *giggle*
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Me, Racing Stripes

Away with me!

I'm currently in Sydney, sitting in ozisim's living room.

The only email address I'll be checking while I'm here will be ajaway(at)hitpoint(dot)com(dot)au.

I did one bonehead manoeuvre on the trip down. Got to the security check point at Brisbane airport with backpack, laptop bag, jacket and paperwork in hand. Australian rules are that you must take the laptop out of the bag and run it through the x-ray machine separately from the bag. So, I put all my stuff down on the table outside the security checkpoint.

I put my boarding pass down, and put the rest of the paperwork in the laptop bag, pull the laptop out and put it in a box to go through the x-ray machine with my jacket, put the laptop bag through the x-ray machine, put my backpack through the x-ray machine and take off all my metal items and put them in a box to go through the x-ray machine (why must I travel with so much stuff?)

On the other side I put everything back together and go upstairs and have dinner (which I forgot to have before I left home yet again).

Part way through dinner was when I realised that I had left my boarding pass sitting on the other side of the security check point. D'uh! I go back down to check and it's not there, so I have to go to the service desk and get another one printed off.

Of course, it's not a trip away for me if I don't forget something. This time I managed to forget half my power cord for the laptop. Luckily Sim managed to have another power cord with the same connector so I'm running with half mine and half her power cord.

Mostly this weekend will be character creation, with the game starting for real next month.