July 19th, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

What a weekend

You know it's been a busy weekend when you still haven't recovered by Wednesday. You also know it's been a busy weekend when you feel like you need a weekend to recover!

Anyway, weekend started on Friday with me still at work. Way back when I started work here, we had a single server, sitting in the centre of the office. One machine, didn't take up much room and didn't make much noise, so it wasn't a problem. However, over time we picked up an extra server here and there for various reasons, leaving us with a grand total of six servers, with the probability of more over the next few years.

The six servers were taking up a lot of room and making a lot of noise in the centre of the office, so the decision was made to move them from there to the old kitchen, where at the very least we could close the door! Also, the entire office had been re-cabled over the last month or so in anticipation of a new phone system that is going in this week, so all the cables are ending in the old kitchen now instead of making a huge mess where they were.

Friday night was the task of actually moving the servers.

Most of the work was being done by others, but I was there since I was one of the few people who actually knew the root password for the mail server, and knew how to properly shut it down, and knew what to look for when it came back up again to make sure it was working correctly (the mail server is a Linux box, and the little bit of knowledge that I have on Linux makes me the most knowledgeable).

So, we shut everything down, noted what cables went into which network ports, and started shifting things. The intent was to have the mail server down for a short a period of time as possible (since it was used by all the external employees who are out on site, including out of the country) and once it was back up and running again I would leave.

Collapse ) After that it didn't take long to actually get it working again, and Stephen, Mark and myself actually left at 8:30pm.

Home, feed the kids and then play World of Warcraft for a while (I didn't have to worry about feeding myself, because work paid for pizza for dinner since we were working back late. I like this company.) Friday afternoon, I took about half an hour off to go to Umart to do a small amount of shopping. I bought myself a new keyboard, a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. While it has lots of neat functionality, the main reason I wanted it was for the extra 18 programmable keys down the left hand side. There are not enough keys on a normal keyboard for World of Warcraft, so an extra 18 looked to be a godsend.

Of course, this had it's own issues. My old keyboard and mouse was one of the old Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse duo's. I assumed that I would be able to use the mouse after changing over the keyboard, but unfortunately that wasn't to be. The power for the wireless receiver actually goes through the keyboard connection, so unplugging the keyboard meant that the mouse didn't work either.

The other problem was that the previous week I had bought a KVM switch (Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch - allows you to use multiple computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse) to allow me to trim down on the stuff on the computer desk. The problem is that the switch gets it's power normally from the keyboard connection, and the G15 needs extra power so I could either have the keyboard working, or the KVM switch working, but not both. So for the moment another keyboard is plugged into the KVM switch and I use the G15 only on my main machine. You can add a power supply to the KVM switch which should fix the problem, so I just need to find one that fits.

Had a sleep in Saturday and then paid bills before going to the gym. I get paid Friday at midnight so the money is available for use Saturday, however by 1:30 pm on Saturday my bank account was down to a measly $30. Bugger. Oh well.

After the gym, I then picked up David and Kylie's wedding present. Since neither of them read LiveJournal, I shouldn't have a problem talking about their present. I tend to give the same basic gift for Weddings as it's different than what everyone else gives and it's always gone down well.

For a while a few years ago you could get cards a bit smaller than A4 size with a persons first name on them and the definition of the name. What I do is get the cards for the two people getting married, and frame them side-by-side in an ornate frame. Unfortunately I haven't seen the name cards in ages, so I instead had to print my own up on paper. Not quite as good, but after framing they still came up a treat.

Then back home for a little bit more of World of Warcraft before going out. Just before I was about to start getting ready to go out I had a visit from draquin who wanted a look at the filing cabinet I was giving away. After a quick look and a quick chat I had to get ready to go out.

So it was at about 6:30 pm I was waiting at the main entrance of the Conrad Treasury Casino in the city for the start of David's Bucks Night. David's Bucks Night proved to be an odd affair. None of us there really drink much, so most of the usual booze-fuelled stupidity wasn't going to happen. Instead we dealt with a few other vices instead.

First was gluttony, with a visit to Blackjack's Buffet at the Casino. For $22.50 it was all-you-can-eat, and it was good! The food is tasty and plentiful, and the desert bar is evil! I am seriously considering organising a visit to Blackjack's just for the desert bar.

Then it was into the Casino proper for a bit of gambling. Of course the only people who did any gambling was the bride and groom. Yes, you read that correctly, the Bride was along as well. Since the "Best Man" was a woman, and about a third of the people along for the night were female friends of David's, it was decided that Kylie may as well come along as well. They're a strange couple. :)

So Kylie lost about $60 on the Blackjack tables, and David lost the $100 that everyone put together for him playing Texas Hold-'em. It was then that we wandered up the road to the Pancake Parlour for more food (after loosing some of the party, including the Bride, along the way). After wasting more time there (including an absolutely thrilling game of Hearts which travisjhall won) we lost more people and the last remaining eight of us had to work out what we wanted to do.

Someone then remembered Strike Bowling Bar in the Wintergarden. And so it was the last remaining members of the party when bowling at one o'clock in the morning! David complained bitterly afterwards about the quality of the lanes, but he still managed to will with a grand total of 103. I performed a hell of a lot better than I expected by coming second with 90 after getting one spare and one strike.

Then there was some air hockey (with David winning all three games, but the last one against Travis was very close) and we finally decided it was time to go home.

I got to bed about 3 am, only for the alarm to go off at 8 am so that I could make it to the breakfast that greenglowgrrl had organised. Managed to get there about 9 am, and had a good breakfast (though I was still a little bit full after the food of the night before). I can't remember who everyone there was, but I already knew Scott, Sue and Gaye, and Sean was very, very cute. I had a lot of fun watching him. :)

We then wandered up the road to the Op shop, where I found a nice shirt for a grand total of 50c! We also had a look at the Fete they were having, before I eventually piked and went home. The original plan was to have a nap, but that never happened. I played more World of Warcraft in between doing loads of Laundry and getting other stuff done around the house.

I was logged out of WoW and about to go to bed about 10 pm when I heard Kevin ask over Ventrilo if I was still there as they were about to do a Dire Maul run. I quickly logged back in and got involved.

This was the first real run for Benalis in about a year. When we first started playing World of Warcraft we picked the Uther server to play on. I had finally gotten Benalis (an Undead Priest) to level 60 when there was a Guild explosion and about half of the Guild left the server. Since most of the people I knew in the Guild left, I followed them and we moved to the newly open (and first of the "Oceanic Realms") Khaz'goroth. As a result my characters on Uther were just sitting around doing nothing.

A couple of weeks ago the Paid Character Transfers became operational, so I transferred two of my characters from Uther to Khaz'goroth, including Benalis.

The new keyboard proved to worth the trouble, as those extra 18 keys made casting spells that much easier. So, after a successful run through DM West (no, it doesn't really mean much to me either, I'm still new at this end game thing) I finally get to bed some time after 1 am.

After a very busy weekend, is it any wonder it's taken me till Wednesday to wake up enough to write about it? :)

Unfortunately I don't have a "quiet" weekend planned until September at least.

This weekend paradigmshifty is up for a visit, plus it's David and Kylie's wedding. Next weekend is Sydney again. Weekend of the 5th and 6th of August is BMF, and Saturday the 12th I will most likely be running another Freeform for QUGS, while the weekend after that is the weekend I'm planning on having my birthday dinner in Brisbane. The 26th is my actual birthday, and I'm planning on being in Melbourne for that weekend, and I most likely will be having the first weekend in September back in Sydney.

Add to that Unicon at the end of September, I think I'm going to need a holiday just to cope!