November 2nd, 2006

Me, Racing Stripes

Games are afoot!

The Arcanancon website is up and live, completely with all the events and the registration system.

I've put together a reasonable timetable as follows:

Session A - Overnight to San Francisco (mareth_redorb's game) - Team "Random People"
Session B - Min Min (Fi's non 7th Sea Freeform)

Session C - Sentinel: In the Beginning - Team "Random People"
Session D - The Wake (Travis' Freeform)
Session E - Children of the Revolution (Fi's & Rene's 7th Sea multiform)
Session F - New Year's Spirits

Session G - The Elevator - In with Travis' team
Session H - GMing Herakles: Premiere Party
Session I - Mythbusters BC (More Pointless Mental Cruelty) - Team "Random People"
Session J - Class of '83

Session K - The Vampyre's Crypt (merinnan's Dread game) - Team "Random People"
Session L - The Spider's Web (Fi and punk_rock_nerd's 7th Sea Freeform)
Session M* - The Ebony Rose (Aaron Fenwick doing Mage) - Team "Random People"

Session M is also where I've been scheduled to run my game a second time if the numbers seem to indicate it is necessary, so I may have to pull out of The Ebony Rose depending.

I really wanted to do Digital Harmony (Andrew MacLennan and Josh Orth doing Cyberpunk) and Last Exile (Jye) but they are both two session games and I couldn't fit them in. Oh well.

Any of the "Random People" game, you lot are more than welcome to join me if you wish. Enjoy