March 15th, 2007

Atari 2600

Giving stuff away

Previously I said I had some PDA's to give away, once I replaced the batteries.

Well, I finally got around to buying the replacement batteries, now all I have to do is replace them (a fairly easy job) and they will be ready.

I have four of them, and I believe the first four who said they wanted them were:
1) greenglowgrrl
2) paxford
3) drjon
4) kunoichi_chan

So, people, do you still want them? They will cost you $15 each (the cost for the replacement batteries) and that's it.

Each one will come with a cradle (for connecting to your computer and recharging) plus a copy of the install CD and the instruction booklet. I think someone will end up getting a photocopy of the booklet and a burnt copy of the CD, but they are still the same deal.

Originally I was intending to keep one, but I have decided I don't need it. As a result there are two other bits for them that are available, however I only have one of each.

The first bit is a travel charger. The cradle plugs into your computer and the power and charges the handheld at connects to the computer at the same time. They are a bit bulky to transport, so I work got a travel charger for me as well. The travel charger plugs into the power and the handheld and is about the same size as your standard mobile phone charger.

The second bit is the kit for showing the output of the PDA onto an external monitor or projector. It's a card that plugs into the handheld with a cable coming off it with at standard D-Sub VGA plug.

Any of your four want these bits? Anyone else? Be aware they are only usable with a Handspring Visor Prism.
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