March 23rd, 2007


Anybody want to buy a car?

Well, Jeff is now available on

You can see him here.

I've put a price tag for $4,000 on him, though I'm not 100% sure what he's worth. According to the valuations, he should be worth between $1,700 to $3,900 for a private sale, however according to the RACQ valuation, he's worth $4,840 to $7,040. Hopefully the later is more accurate.

Now lets just see if anyone wants him.
Me, Racing Stripes

Interview delayed due to technical difficulties...

My phone interview was supposed to be half an hour ago, 11:30 Melbourne time, 10:30 my time, however it didn't happen.

I was ready and waiting for the call, and it didn't happen. Since I don't have the interviewers contact details I couldn't ring up and check so I had to wait.

He rang about 10 minutes ago to check up why I hadn't come in to the office for the interview. It seems that when he wrote it into his diary, he forgot to write down that it was a phone interview and he was supposed to ring me. Oops.

He apologies for the mistake, and we've rescheduled for Monday at 11:30. Daylight savings ends this weekend, so it will actually be at 11:30 for me.

Now I've got to wait again! Argh! Stress anyone?
Me, Racing Stripes

More Woot!

Well, I just got a phone call for another job application I put in, this time with a company called Hansen, a US based company that primarily is an application developer for government operations.

The guy who contacted me from the recruitment company said to have a look over the web site, and see if I like what I see, and if I do to contact him on Monday.

My stress levels are dropping again. Woot!

[Edit: Be afraid! The CEO's name is Chuck!]

My poor little car

Jeff was in for a roadworthy today so I can actually try and sell him.

He didn't pass, unfortunately. There's a small list of things that must be fixed before I am allowed to sell him privately. The list is:
  • Rear wheel cylinders require replacing - $290

  • Brake pedal pad - $116

  • Tappet cover gasket leaking - $137

  • Oil filter cap leaking - $16

  • Washer hose split and requires replacing - $40

  • 3 new tyres

For a grand total of $599 for everything except the tyres, as I'll be getting them elsewhere for less than the service centre would charge, $59 each instead of $129 each. Money that I would really rather not spend, but it's money that I have to spend if I want to try and sell it privately before I leave. As a result, he's booked in again for Monday.

Oh well.
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