March 26th, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

Well, well, well...

That was interesting.

I just had the chat with the recruitment agency, and I'm intrigued. The company they are recruiting for is Accenture, a major IT/Communications consulting company. They do a three part interview, firstly a phone interview to determine your communication skills, then a technical interview, and lastly the final interview. The chat I had wasn't part of that process, and was just the recruitment company letting me know what the deal was, and letting them get a feel for me.

The job may involve a lot of travel, but they do allow their people to go "back to base" on weekends, if the people want it.

The current plan is that they are putting me forward, and will do the phone interview sometime this week if they like me, and then pencil the other two interviews in for the week after Easter while I'm down in Melbourne.

The good thing is that if I do get the job, they have a moving allowance (the recruiter thinks it's about $3000 for interstate moves) which will make the move easier.

Now I'm going to ring the other recruitment company about the Hansen job and say that I'm interested in that one as well.

Yay for Jeff

Well, $525 later (they quoted something as being more than it actually was) I have a Safety Certificate so I can legally sell Jeff.

Now to just wait until someone wants to buy him...
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