April 17th, 2007

Atari 2600

Oracle buys AppForge?

It currently looks like Oracle has bought AppForge, so hopefully this means that we'll have some resolution to this problem.

The AppForge website now redirects to Oracle, and according to some discussion on a forum someone has set up (AppForge Discussion Forum) it has been confirmed by someone at Oracle, and they should be making a statement about continuing support for AppForge sometime in the next week.

Here's hopeful.

Happy and sad

Well, that was fun.

Two young Asian gentlemen just had a look at my car. Took it for a bit of a test drive, had a quick look under the bonnet, checked to make sure all the obvious bits worked, tried to haggle, I said no way am I going under my asking price of $4000, so they gave me a $50 deposit and said they'll pay the rest and pick it up on Friday.


I will be sad to see him go, but it's necessary.
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