June 15th, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

Pleasantly Annoyed

The job hunt has been going on since before I left Brisbane, so about 2 and a half months now.

Last week I had an interview with Fran at one of the recruitment agencies. She liked what she saw so she put me forward for a job at company P. I then later in the week had the interview at company P. It was a good interview, and I came out feeling very happy with it. I told this to Fran afterwards, and later on she rang me back saying that the guys at company P agreed that it was a good interview and wanted her to check out my references, so I gave them to her, and waited.

Late last week I was supposed to have an interview with company R as organised with Lucy, however due to electrical problems beyond my control I had to postpone it (basically due to the maintenance guys here screwing up we didn't have any working power points for a day and a half, meaning no washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, computers, entertainment or heaters. The last one was the problem. It was so cold that I couldn't sleep enough to be coherent enough for a job interview).

Pheno occurred, I came back, and yesterday morning (Thursday) I had the rescheduled interview with company R. After a bad start (I was given the wrong address by Lucy, so ended up getting to the right address 10 minutes late, however the guy interviewing me was a further 5 minutes late, plus he knew it wasn't my fault that I was late) we wandered down to the local coffee shop (Crooners on Lygon Street) for the interview.

The interview went very well, considering as we were wandering back to the offices he was trying to work out when he could get me back in for lunch to meet the rest of the team, something I consider a good sign. I contacted Lucy and told her my opinion of the interview, and she then contacted him and got his opinion which matched mine. Good!

Of the two jobs, the first one with company P, I think I would like working there. However, the second one, with company R, I think I would love working there. Dynamic environment, they expect their employees to be geeks, and they expect them to act like geeks and not pretend to be anything else. I feel I could work with the guys at company P, but I would end up being friends with the guys at company R. Of the two company R would be my first choice by a long shot.

I go home, do some stuff around the house and then get a phone call from Fran saying that company P have made a job offer. I thank her and ask for some time to consider the offer, and then ring Lucy and leave a message saying what's going on. I want that second job.

I head into town for a Chiropractor appointment and Lucy rings me back while I'm on the Tram. She's spoken with the people at company R, and they've organised the "get-to-know-you" lunch for the next day. Good sign!

So, currently I've got what looks like a reasonable job offer which I have until Monday to give an answer, plus the high probability of a second and much preferred job offer before then. I think I would enjoy the second job more than the first, and that's much more important to me than the money.

In about half an hour I'm going to head off for this lunch. The only problem? Working out what I'm going to wear. :)
Me, Racing Stripes

On the job front

The lunch with the people from Company R went well today.

Six of us total, including myself, the guy who interviewed me and four of the programmers. There are a few more people in the company but they couldn't be there for a number of reasons (including one being at home resting after being hit by a car last weekend) which is why the lunch was originally going to be next week.

Nice group of guys and very much a bunch of geeks. I felt right at home. Afterwards I chatted with the guy who interviewed me again and he said he's going to think about things over the weekend. I got the general impression that the question wasn't whether they should hire me, but whether they should hire me now. I talked with Lucy afterwards and she seemed to get the same impression. The reason is that there are a number of new projects coming up that are 99% certain, and they will need a new developer for them, but they aren't signed yet so they aren't certain.

Lucy rang for my referee's and is hunting them up while they think over the situation this weekend. I should have an answer one way or the other on Monday. Either way I have a job.

Fingers crossed.
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