June 21st, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

News from the coal face

Day three of my new job so I figure that I can actually do some non-work related stuff while I'm waiting for the Visual Studio 2005 service pack to install.

I am so glad I waited for the offer from this lot rather than just accepting the other offer. I'm loving it here already, plus they offered more money, which is a bonus.

The company is called Redgum and they're based in Brunswick East on Lygon St, just up from Brunswick Rd (corner of Lygon and Barkley). They are a software development house and they have a number of products on the market already, including a number of layout tools for newspapers under the Advanced Publishing Systems (APS) banner.

There are 7 others in Redgum that I have met so far. Robin's in charge, and there are 6 other developers (I'm sure they have different titles, but they're all developers, including Robin), but there is also APS upstairs which has a lot of people I haven't met yet.

All in all I'm loving it. I felt comfortable from my first day which is very unusual for me. The people are cool, the work is interesting, and I don't think I'm going to have any troubles here.

Very happy Random.
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Worst Website Ever

And unfortunately, it's just a sign of how far things have gone down hill.

The Brisbane Medieval Fayre has been running in Brisbane for a hell of a long time. However, it's been going downhill over the last few years. This years website shows how bad it is.

If you go and have a look (and I do not recommend you do) click on Re-enactment Group on the left hand side. The page that it takes you to (other than being horrible) does not list the groups attending this years event, it merely lists some of the groups that have been there in previous years, which can give you the wrong impression if you don't read the horrible headings (images, not actually text) at the top.

I weep for Brisbane's re-enactment community.