June 27th, 2007


Back on the wagon

Unfortunately, I have two rather bad stress reactions.

Firstly, when I'm under stress my immediate reaction is to want to curl up in bed and ignore the universe. The more stress I'm under, the lazier I want to be.

If I can't do that (which is most of the time) my secondary reaction is to eat (getting comfort from food is a fairly common stress reaction).

Since I've been under a great deal of stress since the beginning of this year with the move preparations and the like, I unfortunately have been doing less exercise and eating more, with the end result of putting some weight back on.

I'm nowhere near as bad as I was, but still it's something I want to fix. When I started my original weight loss I was at 110 kg (242 lbs), and after a year I went down to 82 kg (180 lbs). I then started going to the gym regularly and put on muscle to take me up to about 86 kg (189 lbs). I weighed myself this morning and weighed in at 91 kg (200 lbs), plus lately I've been noticing my pants are getting to be a bit tight, and some of my shirts don't fit quite as well as they used to.

While living with Travis has been good since he's a good cook, I don't have much willpower when it comes to good food, so I've been eating too much. It doesn't help that Travis needs to eat a lot more than I otherwise he looses some of what little body weight he has (bastard! :) ) Working on Lygon St isn't going to help either.

So, I figure it's time to get back into Lite 'n' Easy again. Rang them yesterday and sorted it all out with the first delivery tomorrow and I start on Friday.

This means that for the next few months I'm going to be very strict on what I eat. However, that said, don't think that I don't want to be invited to things where eating will occur, because I do, it just means that I'm going to have to plan a bit in advance, and be careful when I do go out to eat.

Nothing too extreme, and it's all stuff I've done before. As I've said before, my goal is to be happy with myself again by Unicon which is just under three months away. We'll see.
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