August 27th, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

My Birthday Dinner: A small recap

That was fun.

End result was 25 people attended, and about another 5 or so had to make their apologies at the last minute due to illness. I had completely forgotten how many friends I have in Melbourne. As I said a number of times that night, this is why I moved to Melbourne in the first place. Thank you all so very much.

The full attendance list was: Me, Travis (travisjhall), Stephen (paradigmshifty), Emily (umbra_mentis), Gypsy (gypsyamber) & Rafe (zen_cat), Chris (weaselfetish), Nick (nicked_metal), Nat, Fergie (psuedonym777), Alicia (merinnan) and Matt (pheline), Sean J, Dan (from work), Rob (from work), Mark (non_lj_mark) & Hilary (arienmir), Mik (mareth_redorb) and Kim, Kevin (fengshuiguy), Jack (crystal_storm), Raven, Kim and Robin and Simon (punk_rock_nerd). I don't think I've missed anyone there.

I got apologies for illness from Mitch (designadrug), Stewie, Kevin and Danni and someone else who's name I can't for the life of me remember (sorry), plus had about another 10 or so people say they couldn't make it due to prior commitments.

For those who were interested, the total bill ended up being $622, and people threw in extra money so I didn't end up having to pay for my meal. Yay!

From Kevin I got a small tin of chocolates (yum!) and a pocket pirate reference guide. Then Emily decided that since someone else gave me a present it was all right for her to give me my present, so she gave me a small box of chocolates from Koko Black. Evil chocolate... Mmm...

After that we decided to wander off and find desert. So the 10 of us remaining (Me, Travis, Rob, Dan, Kim and Robin, Raven, Steven, Emily and Nick) went to one place that was closed, then another place that was closed, and finally to the Pancake Parlour. While there I proceeded to embarrass the bejesus out of myself on a number of occasions while talking to the waiter (cute little Asian boy with purple hair). *blush*

However, the food was great, as was the company, and when they closed at midnight they kicked us out and we were left standing on the street.

A few thoughts were suggested as to going some place else, but everyone decided to call it a night. Travis and I gave Nick a lift back to his place, and wasted another hour and a half or so before we eventually left his place and we went home.

I got up late on Sunday (deliberately), didn't bother getting out of my pyjamas for most of the day and played a lot of World of Warcraft (and for a could of hours played with a cat asleep in my dressing gown with me).

A very good Hobbit coming of age, thank you everyone.
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