September 6th, 2007


Printing question

In preparation for VorpalCon next week, I have to print out the character sheets and other assorted stuff for the games.

12/1 I don't have to print out (thankfully) as I have spare copies from the previous run.

However I will need to print out Homeward Bound and Pathway to Eternity.

Previously I printed everything at work, as they didn't mind (what I did for a con was a drop in the ocean compared to the monthly reports they had to print). However, I'd rather not do that here.

So, what are my options? We've printed at Officeworks before, and will never print there again (ask travisjhall if you want to know why), but I've never printed at any of the other printing places.

Luckily the printing this time is fairly basic. Pathway is 38 pages of character sheets, Homeward is 27 pages, plus about another dozen or two pages of notes, sign on sheets, name badges, etc, all in single sided black and white.

Anyone have any suggestions? I need this done by Thursday next week as we're flying down on Friday.