October 31st, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

A minor anniversary

Coming home last night on the tram, I got to thinking to myself that it would have to be fairly close to the six month anniversary of the move.

Hmm... let me think. We moved the last day of April, counting from there would be May, June, July, August, September, October... Hang on! The last day of April was the 30th, and it was the 30th of October, therefore it was the six months anniversary!


The weird part is that it actually feels longer. I'm feeling comfortable around here, so I don't feel like it's only been 6 months.
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Date Claimer: Saturday 29th December

One of the problems with having a birthday in August is that if I want to have a party for my birthday, then I'd be having it in winter.

The problem with winter parties is that it's cold outside, so the party is mostly limited to indoors unless you have a means of heating the outside (like a fire). We don't have that at our place, so that means that everyone who turned up would be crammed into our house. Considering how many people turned up at my birthday dinner at the Khan, there is no way that all of them would have fit into the three rooms at our place that aren't mine or Travis' bedrooms.

So, I chose not to have a party for my 33rd birthday.

Instead, I'm going to have a 33 and a 3rd birthday party at the end of December with the theme of Beach Party! I'm considering two options at the moment. Firstly I actually have a beach party at the beach. Considering this is going to be summer, every man and his dog (and a lot of others as well) will probably be at the beach, so they are going to be hell crowded, so probably not.

Second option, the one that I'm currently going for, is to get some sand dumped in the back yard and fill a wading pool, and have it at home.

That's the current plan.

So, please pencil in your diaries that I will be having my 33 and a 3rd birthday beach party the afternoon/evening/night of Saturday the 29th of December (that's the Saturday between Christmas and New Years). More details will be released closer to the date, when I actually have some details to release. I hope to see you there.