November 15th, 2007

Me, Racing Stripes

I'm link happy today!

Have you ever wondered what various coffee drinks are? You can download the picture as a PDF if you want.

Marvel is putting some of it's comics online, Dark Horse and DC have been doing it for a while.

The Australian Electoral Commission has all the information you need to know for this election, including Group Voting Tickets for the Senate (ie the flow of preferences if you vote above the line), the candidates for both Houses, and where you can vote. You can still check your enrolment, just to make sure you know where you are enrolled.

Beth Quist is the artist responsible for the music in the HD paragliding video I linked to earlier. She's done three albums and you can listen to them all from the web site, and also buy and download. I'm part way through listening to the first album (Lucidity) and liking what I hear so far. EDIT: I've had a look at the link to buy and download the album, and I like what they've done. You have a choice of what to pay, starting at $5 up to $18, with the artist getting half of whatever you pay. Nice! I think I'm going to be doing some music shopping.
2 Hands

And again with the posting

I was reminded this morning that Sexpo starts today and runs until Sunday.

Now, I've always enjoyed going to Sexpo in Brisbane, though to be honest I usually spend more of my time perving on the other patrons than I spend looking at the exhibits. However, that said, I'd like to go to the Sexpo here in Melbourne for comparison, so the question is, who else wants to go? Sexpo is a hell of a lot more fun with a group of (open minded) friends.

The ever lovely umbra_mentis has suggested a Friday night visit (they are open until Midnight Friday night), so that's an option. If I don't go Friday night, the other option is Sunday afternoon.