January 14th, 2008

Me, Racing Stripes

Status update

Well, I'm running slightly behind schedule, but only just.

23 out of the 24 characters for Unions and Intersections are done and the last one will be finished by Monday evening at the latest. Then there's only a few prop-type documents that I want to do up, not essential to running the game but nice to have.

The rest of this week will be spent on Back in the Biz... so it's ready to playtest on the weekend, and then week after that will be spent on finishing touches and the like.

I'm just about ready. Lets do this!

However, for the moment I'm going to bed. Night all.
Me, Racing Stripes


Don't you hate it when you make a little mistake and don't notice it for a hell of a while.

It seems I had missed-typed one of the character names for Unions and Intersections. The character of Jia Shu Ling was originally typed as Jai, not Jia.

Most times these sort of typo's in names don't make a difference because you can always make up new names anyway, but I actually chose the name specifically due to meaning, so it kind of annoyed me. So, I just had to do a search and replace through the other 23 characters I had already done and fix it up.


Oh well, it's fixed now before the game starts, and that's the main thing.

For those who are curious, Jia means beautiful, while Jai doesn't have any meaning that I can find.