January 21st, 2008

Me, Racing Stripes

And done...

Both Unions and Intersections and Back in the Biz... are now complete.

Did the playtest for Back in the Biz... today and it went well. I missed a number of things in the character sheets, and the players were good at letting me know what they thought they needed. The game went well, and I know the outline now for what's going to happen. The test group got through with none casualties of their own and minimal other casualties, however I can see some players turning it into a blood bath.

Should prove interesting.

I have a few minor things that I want to do before hand, including make two soundtracks for the two different games. That's about it.

Arcanacon 2008, here I come!

Reminder: online rego closes Tuesday Night! Sign up now, it's a hell of a lot easier.
Me, Racing Stripes

How much printing?

I'm going over my numbers for printing for Arcanacon, and the numbers are disturbing. The question is, how many copies should I print.

Unions and Intersections is scheduled to run twice, so I print three copies of it. That way I have a spare of everything in case anyone loses a character sheet, and if no one loses anything I have a spare copy for later. The character sheets come in at 111 pages total, so there's 333 printed sheets there.

How many copies of Back in the Biz... should I do though? Theoretically I could be running the game in every session that I'm not running Unions and Intersections, so that's 11 sessions. Add one spare (because I'm paranoid) and that's 12 copies. Total for those is 42 pages, so that's 504 pages on it's own.

Should I print that many, or should I assume that I won't get that many and print less. Not sure.

At the moment I have 24 players spread over 10 sessions. If they stay as they are, two of those sessions will run (one with 5 players, one with 6 players), but I assume that they will rearrange themselves at rego so more will end up running.