February 6th, 2008


Conquest 2008

Well, I've finalised the character list for ...the sound of pigeons on the Champs-Elysées.

Some of the descriptors may change as I work on them, but the actual list of who's who should remain the same. Some people have standing character requests, and some others have already told me their character requests. Anyone else, let me know what you want, that way you can prepare your costuming.
Me, Racing Stripes

Blame Sim!

It's all ozisim's fault!


Each day, every person who clicks on the link adds towards increasing the population of the city. Only one click per person per day is counted though, so I think I'm going to be clicking a lot at work as well.

Once the population reaches a certain level, then another link becomes active to increase the industry of the city. Only one of the two links can be clicked per person per day. Then it adds transport, security, environment and business.

They don't ask for email addresses or anything like that, it's just the shared links. Nifty, and pretty too.

And they call this a civilised world?

Pointed at by hasimir.

Short story: A young gentleman has been arrested trying to enter Dubai with an over the counter sleeping pill. The medication in question (melatonin) is legal in both the US (where it was purchased) and Dubai (where he was trying to enter), however they arrested him anyway.

His girlfriend _yungfuktoi_ is trying to do everything in her powers to help him out. Her story can be found here. Please read and do what you can.