March 29th, 2008



So, Pheno? Who's going? Who wants to be in a team.

I think most of what I'll be doing is the freeforms, and the triptych, and possibly one other, depending on how things work out.

There are 4 freeforms that I want to play, plus I'll be running my own, plus I'll be helping Mik run his, plus the three triptych games, so that's 9 sessions of a 10 session convention already, and I think I might end up leaving a session free just in case.
Me, Racing Stripes

Link round-up

The best RPG tribute to Gary Gygax ever! Warning, LONG!

Top 10 reasons to have sex tonight.

"Death, and What Comes Next" by Terry Pratchett.

BackPack is a nifty online utility that allows organisation of information. I find it really useful, you might as well.

Improv Everywhere do a musical at a food court...

Learn Esperanto.

"The Nine Billion Names of God" by Arthur C Clarke.

Things you didn't know about your penis.

Do The Test. I knew what it was about and it's still hard to do. Watch and discover what I mean.