April 4th, 2008

2 Hands

Techie and Pron even!

After a little bit of fiddling, I've got the rss feed working so that it automatically updates at half past midnight GMT.

I'll put the link, etc up when I get home, because I'm not testing that at work. :)
zombony dancing

I love working here

On Monday morning one of the guys brings in two Pop Flyz. These things have been being used all week by all of us, having a great deal of fun.

We come in this morning to find an additional six of them, so one for each of us.

Dan had been off for three days with the flu, and was back in today with a hell of a lot of stuff needing to be done by 5pm when some clients were turning up. The clients turn up, went through the things that needed to be looked at and then left. The moment they left the guns were brought out, and we've been in the middle of world war 3 ever since.

It's a hell of a lot of fun. :)