April 7th, 2008


Help support a brilliant artist

paradigmshifty pointed me to ursulav's Live Journal some time ago, and I'm glad he did.

She's a brilliant artist, and also a brilliant writer, and her LJ is very much a fascinating read. However, being a freelance artist, her income tax is "interesting" to say the least. Despite throwing lots of money at the tax man to cover her tax bill, she's recently been hit with a rather large demand to give the US Tax Department lots of money.

So, to that end she's doing a limited edition jumbo print of The Taxman. The piece is 13 inches by 19 and will cost $25 US. I asked and she estimated postage to Australia to be about $20, so for $45 US I can get a fantastic piece of art, and help support a fantastic artist to boot. With the strength of the Australian dollar at the moment, that will be less than $60 total, and I would be paying a hell of a lot more for a generic print at a local art shop.

For more information there's the actual LJ entry, plus there's her art site, Metal and Magic. Go check it out, you know you want to.
Me, Racing Stripes

Henry Rollins - Spoken Word

Henry Rollins is doing another spoken word tour of Australia. I've been meaning to go and see one of his shows for ages, and never got around to it, so this time I'm going to.

He's playing in Melbourne on Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Monday the 21st of April. Tickets are $53.30 each (plus some sort of booking fee I assume). I'm thinking of going on the Friday, but am open to suggestions. Anyone else interested in coming?