May 14th, 2008

Mandelbrot Fractal

Icon Buffet

Is anyone a member of Icon Buffet?

If so, can you add me as a friend (user: HalloranElder). If not and you want to join, follow that link and I get a bonus.

Icon Buffet is a site that sells stock icons for use on web sites and the like, and also allow members to get free icon sets. The free sets are delivered slowly, however you can give the sets you have to those people you have as friends and they can give you theirs. So, the more people you know on the site, the more free icons you can get.

Looks like fun, except for the fact I don't know anyone on it, so I don't have an icons.
Atari 2600

News just to hand...

I'm probably going to buy a Wii. Most likely tomorrow.

Evil, evil things. I have been wanting one for a while but so far haven't been able to justify to myself the purchase. However, now that Wii Fit is out, I finally have a good reason for buying one.

However, once I buy one, the list of games I want is rather long...
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