September 25th, 2008


Unicon Playtests

Unicon is just over a week away, and this means that it's getting into playtest territory.

Jimmy from Canberra is running "Execute Order 66" and won't get a chance to playtest it before he comes down on the weekend, so has asked me to see about organising a playtest for it. So, anyone interested?

Unicon GM's and organisers have first preference, of course.

Also, I will be wanting to playtest my game, Five, as well.

Both these playtests will be some evening next week (though probably different evenings).

Anyone interested?
Me, Racing Stripes

This evening

I'm about to wander off and meet a certain gorgeous woman in the city, where we're going to have dinner and then see the Whitlams with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Really looking forward to it!