November 13th, 2008


Code Name: Awesome!

The United States Secret Service (ie, the guys and gals who protect the President the other important people) don't refer to the people they are looking after by name. Instead they use code names.

The current US President is codenamed Tumbler (He was a cheerleader in college), while his wife is Tempo, and their two daughters are Twinkle and Turquoise.

Since Barak Obama is now the President-Elect, him and his family are now protected by the US Secret Service, so they have been given code names as well.

Barack Obama is Renegade while wife Michelle is Renaissance. The kids, Malia and Sasha, are Radiance and Rosebud respectively.

As was pointed out in someone else's blog (Bill in Exile: half political, half NSFW, and almost all gay), the Bush code names are lame, while the Obama's are cool, just like them.