February 17th, 2009

Mandelbrot Fractal

Bank on it!

I've been using Suncorp as my bank for a large number of years now, since I got pissed off at my last one.

One of the really good things about them is that I don't get charged for using non-Suncorp ATM's. Suncorp is a Queensland based company, and have a good presence in Queensland, however they don't have much of a presence in the other states (for instance, they have a total of 6 branches in Victoria, compared to hundreds in Queensland). So as not to disadvantage their non-Queensland customers, they don't charge a fee if you use a non-Suncorp ATM outside of Queensland. This has been great for me, as I can use any ATM I want and don't have to worry about being hit the $1.50 every time.

However, from the 3rd of March, that will change. The Reserve Bank has ruled that as of that date, if you use another banks ATM you will be charged directly by that bank, rather than by your bank. This means that Suncorp can no longer offer the use of non-Suncorp ATM's for free.

I live in Coburg and work in Brunswick East. The nearest Suncorp ATM's to me are in Preston, Airport West, Maribyrong and the city. The nearest one of them to me is Preston, which is over 6km's away.

That ain't going to work. So, I will be changing banks. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Things I need: for a low or no fee, unlimited electronic transactions, decent internet banking, Visa Debit card, the ability to create sub-accounts off the main account for savings, and a reasonable number of ATM's so I can avoid fees.

Currently I'm looking at the NAB as they seem to have everything I want. For $4 a month I get unlimited electronic banking, which drops to $0 a month if I deposit my pay into the account each fortnight. For that matter I could use the next step up which is $5 a month for everything I need plus unlimited branch transactions, which still drops to $0 a month if I deposit my pay. Both include the Visa Debit card, the additional sub-accounts, internet banking and the closest ATM to work is a NAB one. So, they look good.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?