April 5th, 2009



50 minutes ago is 10 minutes in the future.

What do you think about that then?

I think I had better go to bed.
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Character Lists for Conquest

I've been a busy boy, and finalised the character lists for my games at Conquest.

They are:

Lockdown is the same as the game as I ran at Unicon last year.

At the moment it looks like the Sunday Session of A Darkened World will be moved to Saturday night, and a new Session of Lockdown opened in it's place. The two sessions of Lockdown I have 11 and 14 players respectively, out of 13 players total. So, that's looking good.

The two sessions of Friday Night Poker Club: The Tavern are looking about normal. 20 players and 6 players respectively.

A Darkened World currently has 17 and 2, which is one of the reasons why we're moving the second session from Sunday after lunch to Saturday night.

We'll see.
Unicon, Unicorn

Unicon is live

The new Unicon Website is now live.

There's no games on it yet, as we haven't done the call for games yet, but that should be happening soonish. We still haven't decided on the timetable yet, and I've put the three variations we're thinking of on the site for people to look at. Once a decision is made, then the website will be modified to suit.

Currently we're looking at the default 7 sessions (4 Saturday, 3 Sunday), 8 sessions (rego Friday evening, 1 Session Friday night, 4 Saturday, 3 Sunday) or 9 sessions (rego Friday afternoon, 2 Sessions Friday evening/night, 4 Saturday, 3 Sunday).

The two main deciding factors will of course be whether the players want the extra sessions, and how much it's going to cost for the venue. We will see.

Put your right hand in, pull your right hand out...

My Conquest timetable is now full.

Session A: Running "A Darkened World"
Session B: Playing in "Heart of the Empire"
Session C: Running "Friday Night Poker Club: The Tavern"

Session D: Volunteered to help Mik run "Project Eden"
Session E: Running "Lockdown"
Session F: Playing in "Obscurum Intus Lux Lucis"
Session G: Running "A Darkened World"

Session H: Volunteered to help Mik run "Project Eden"
Session I: Running "Lockdown"
Session J: Playing "Death, Blood and Taxes"
Session K: Running "Lockdown"

Session L: Playing "Bartholomew's Bank"
Session M: Running "Friday Night Poker Club: The Tavern"

Numbers wise, the games I'm running are as follows:

Session A: A Darkened World (17 out of 24 players)
Session C: Poker (20 out of 5 to 24 players)
Session E: Lockdown (11 out of 13 players)
Session G: A Darkened World (4 out of 24 players)
Session I: Lockdown (0 out of 13 players) New Session
Session K: Lockdown (14 out of 13 players)
Session M: Poker (6 out of 5 to 24 players)

The game of A Darkened World in Session G was in Session I, and only had two players. The freeform that was running in Session I got cancelled, and I checked with the two players in Session I if they minded if I moved the session. They didn't have a problem, and would shift over if I shifted the game, so I did so, and put a new session of Lockdown in Session I in it's place (since the two existing sessions are almost full and over full).

So, if you are free in Session G or I, please consider playing my games.

Also, I will need assistance with Lockdown. Anyone who's played it before will know exactly what type of assistance I need, so if you can help please let me know.

Now to finish writing everything.
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A Prince Among Men

With all the Vampire stuff that I've been doing for preparing A Darkened World for Conquest, I have decided that the game I'm going to write for Gen Con Oz and Unicon this year will be a real vampire game.

Probably new World of Darkness, because the rule system is nicer, and it's known by more of the new players, the Prince has been missing for some time, and the Powers that Be have decided they need a new Prince. The game is the gathering of the power brokers amongst the Kindred Court, to work out who it's going to be. Probably a mid size game, thinking of 18 players, as it's not the full court, just those who matter.

Should be fun.