August 7th, 2009

zombony dancing

Wanted: One Orangutan, Possibly Two.

Earlier this year, Manifest ran screenings of Animé during Conquest.

Manifest is coming up in two weeks, and Conquest is returning the favour by running some role-playing games during the festival. I've volunteered one of mine, This Party Proudly Brought To You By Unstable Robert's Crazy World of Discount Spells. I figure that Discworld is a well known universe, so that the players won't have to deal to wrapping their heads around something completely new, plus it's a light, fun game with nothing too over the top.

However, the game will work better if I have a Orangutan. The game is a frat party at the Unseen University, and I usually have someone playing the Librarian behind the bar serving drinks (and dealing with the drink counters so I know how drunk the characters are). Previous times I've run it, I've had one or two people doing the role (being a Orangutan, his arms are very bloody long).

So, anyone want to be my assistant on Saturday the 22nd of August at Manifest at the Melbourne Showgrounds? The game starts 12:45 and goes for two and a half hours, and my assistant will be serving drinks (water/cordial/etc) during that time, and occasionally bashing up characters if they make the mistake of calling him a monkey. :)

I get in free to Manifest because I'm a writer, but I don't think that covers any assistant GM's, so anyone wanting to help me will probably have to want to go anyway. I may be able to get an assistant in, not sure.

Anyone want to help?