January 7th, 2010


Breeding for stupidity?

I usually avoid getting involved in the politics of other countries, but this makes my blood boil: Revisionaries

Summary: The state of Texas is the second largest textbook buyer in the US (only California buys more). Religious conservatives have managed to get controlling power over what goes into the textbooks that the state buys. They are deliberately perverting the information that the next generation will be taught as fact to push their own agendas.

It makes me sick to know that sort of selfish stupidity goes on.
Metal Angel

Wedding in Canberra

I've been invited to weaselfetish's wedding in Canberra on the 13th of February. Of course, I completely forgot about it until now, and the RSVP date is tomorrow.

So, the question is, should I go? The answer to the question of do I want to go is quite obviously yes, the problem is can I do it cheaply enough to make it without blowing my budget. Flights are actually remarkably cheap ($59 each way) so the one sticking point is accommodation. Anyone in Canberra willing to host me from the Friday night until the Sunday? Preferably someone going to said wedding, which makes it easier.
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