June 21st, 2010

Me, Racing Stripes

Moving Right Along...

Well, we got a house, and the paperwork is all signed. Lease starts on Thursday July 1.

Plan is that I pick up the keys on the Thursday, Travis and I will head out to the new house on Thursday night with some stuff, plus tape measures so we can plan out where everything is going. I'm intending to take Friday the 2nd off, and have organised a FlexiCar for the period, and I'm going to be packing and shifting stuff all day. Saturday the 3rd both Travis and will be packing and shifting stuff, with the intention of getting as much as we possibly can moved. Removalists have been booked for Sunday the 4th, which is when we're going to get all the big stuff moved, and as of that night we'll be living in the new house.

We'll be organising repairs to the old place (one of the steps needs replacing as does the carpet on the stairs. Since the damage was done by our cats, we're fixing it ourselves) as well as the cleaners (there is no way I'm physically capable of cleaning that house to handover standard, and I doubt Travis is either), and we're planning on ending the lease Friday the 9th.

Now, for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we would like help. If you are available to help me Friday the 2nd, or Travis and I on either Saturday the 3rd (moving ourselves) or Sunday the 4th (assisting the professional movers) please let us know. We would really appreciate it. Travis and I have a hell of a lot of stuff, and I'm expecting the Sunday move will be the entire day, which is going to be expensive, but can't be helped.
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