July 12th, 2010

Me, Racing Stripes

Internet, sort of

We moved into the new house just over a week ago now.

Telstra phone support has proven themselves as incompetent as usual, while their techies have proven themselves a competent as usual.

The phone got lost during the move, and it took a bit to find it again. Plugged it in, and we weren't getting a dial tone. Tried a couple phones, and none of them were getting a dial tone, so I rang Telstra Faults and Repairs Wednesday night about the issue. Lady on the other end did a test of the line, it came back unusual, so said that they would have to get one of the line testers to have a look at it the next day, and they will let me know once it's done.

I ring back Friday to find out where they're up to, only to be told the case had been closed and marked as resolved. Thanks for telling me!

Anyway, they tested it again, it still came back unusual, so organised a techie to come out Monday morning to have a look.

Window for him turning up was anywhere from 8:00am till midday, and he turned up not long after 8. He investigated it and found out that the Telstra line had been disconnected and replaced with an Optus line, which is why we weren't getting any dial tone. A small amount of work later, and the phone works once more, which means we have working internet at home.

Sort of.

The problem is that the one phone jack in the house is in the dining room, while the computers are at the opposite end of the house. The wireless won't be a problem for Travis, or for my laptop, but my main machine is the desktop which does not have wireless capabilities.

This means that we're going to need a new phone jack in the computer room.

So, before I start ringing random telecommunications cablers from the yellow pages, is there anyone any of you would recommend?