May 17th, 2011

Me, Racing Stripes

A House

Tired Random is tired.

However, we have a new house to move into.

Travis got the phone call from the real estate agent this morning and went in and paid the bond. All that's left to do is sort out the dates we actually start the lease. The owners are currently living in the house, and need to sort out their move. I expect they'll be out by sometime next week, and we'll be moving in post haste.

It's a very nice house. The bad news is that it's more expensive than the current place. The good news is that's it's actually going to save me money.

Currently I'm paying for a storage unit for some stuff that I do not have the space for. The new house includes a bungalow out the back that should fit everything I've got in storage, and then some. The end result will be that I'll be saving a bit each month on what I'm currently spending, plus all my junk is within arms reach, so I can actually work on going through the stuff I have and gradually disposing of it.

Plus, the new house is closer to the city, and I think is generally nicer than any of the houses we've looked at (including the ones we've lived in).

I'll do another post shortly with some other details that I don't want in a public post.

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