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The Party...

Well, it's been over a week, and I've only gotten around to putting up stuff about the party now.

That says to me either one of two things. Either A) It was a great party and it's taken this long to recover; or B) It was a fairly forgettable party, and I've forgotten to write it up.

Unfortunately, it's B.

Mostly my fault. I forgot to put the invites out early enough so most people already had something on that night.

Oh well.

The people who did turn up:

  • Scott

  • Stephen

  • Will

  • Byron

  • Kevin

  • Kelly

  • Adam

  • Matt Black

  • Sue

  • Chakae and new bf Andrew

Tim and Susan rang and said they couldn't make it due to the fact they were house-sitting, and I knew Jason and Sean D wouldn't be able to make from emails earlier in the week.

Oh well. My birthday party should be better. 25th August.

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