July 7th, 2014

Me, Racing Stripes

Random Words: Seating

The couches I have are old and getting worn and cat-damaged, and getting them re-covered and repaired has been on the wish list for a while. I figured since I’m going to be moving them again soon I would look into getting them redone, and I might be able to swing the timing so they would be elsewhere for the actual move.

End result is for the most part no. The two single seater armchairs would be about $900 each to recover, plus additional cost to repair the physical damage on the arm of one of them. Considering the two of them plus the three-seater couch were part of a set I got from Super A Mart many years ago, probably for less than the repair costs of one of them, there’s no way they are worth that much to repair.

The sofa bed would be about $1200 to re-cover. I bought it second hand for about $400 many years ago, and I can pick up a brand new one from Ikea for about $800, so again it wouldn’t be worth it. I may end up getting some new cushions for it to replace the existing ones, as the current ones were the battle field in territory battles between the cats and there’s no way to completely get rid of that smell.

The final piece however I am planning on re-covering anyway. The swivel-chair is an old piece made of solid wood (not particle board) with metal springs, and it would most definitely be worth re-covering at about $640.

Oh, and these costs are assuming I chose the cheapest fabrics they use. Add more if I go for more expensive fabrics.

I may end up giving away some of the pieces, because there’s no way to fit all of it into the size of place I’m looking at. No decisions yet, but most likely.

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