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I've made the switch! (Sort of...)

I wandered into Myer yesterday to look at computers. Specifically, to look at the Mac's. Their Apple expert wasn't working yesterday, so they said to come back the next day, so I did.

After having a bit of a chat with him to find out they can do custom machines, I put in an order for one. I am now the proud owner of a 1.42GHz Mac Mini, with 1Gb of RAM, 100Gb Hard Drive, SuperDrive and built in Wireless and BlueTooth. Plus I got a Wireless keyboard and mouse, a DVI to video adaptor and the extended warranty. Since it's a custom machine I don't actually have any of those things except the extended warranty, but I do actually own them. :) Feels kind of odd to walk out of the shop with the extended warranty but not with any of the things covered by the extended warranty.

The plan is to have it sitting in the living room with all my media (music and video) sitting on it so I can actually watch/listen to it all in a room other than the computer room.

Of course, I could have just ordered it all online at the Apple Store, but by buying it through Myer I got it on 12 months interest free, so I can pay it off over the next 12 months.

I'm still going to be a PC geek in all my other computers (since that's what I get paid for), but my geekiness is expanding.
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