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I'm being a very good boy and I've already started on work on the next lot of games, three for Conquest, two for The Big Weekend. For those interested, The Big Weekend will be going ahead this year, but in a reduced format (no miniatures) due to 2 of the 4 members of the organising committee having to quit due to real life.

Information has started to be gathered from those in the know for Friday Night Poker Club: Arkham Asylum Edition, characters are started for Ball of Dreams, and evil plans are under way for Powerplay. However, I need a small favour. Can anyone who has played in any of the versions of No Heir for the Throne of Amber please get in contact with me? I just need a summation of the end results of each game, especially as what happened to Brand, Martin, the Pattern and the rest of Oberon's children. If you were in any of the previous games can you please email me at random@hitpoint.com.au?

I'm still thinking about what to do with Ball of Dreams. My original thought was have a guest NPC as Sarah for the brief time that she was there, but the original person I asked has had to pull out due to real world reasons, so I'm not sure. At the moment I'm thinking of not having a physical Sarah, and using the movie (which I will be playing on my laptop during the game) as a representation of her.

I've come up with some really good ideas as to how I could do things in Ball of Dreams, but they would require having a GM following every player, so I'm going to have to rethink them. :)

And now to the meat of the post. It was suggested some time ago by a number of the Melbourne gamers that they would love to have me come down there periodically to run games outside of conventions. I have enough of a back catalogue that I could do that.

However, a thought has occurred to me. While I would love to run these games again, each of these games (excluding the Amber series) is a one off event. I create the characters, I create the scenario, I give it to the players, they do as they wish with it (and me) and that's it.

How about an on-going thing, instead? Who would be interested in me running a periodic freeform (once ever two or three months) with a continuing story? The players create their own characters and initial scenario, and after the game is over I get the updates from everyone and work out what happens in the intervening time ready for the next session?

System/genre/universe/etc will be up to the players. Who would be interested?

My thoughts would be after each game players have a certain amount of time to get information to me as to what their character did/are planning on doing, then I get to work on them for a while and get the updated characters back to the players at least a week before the next session. If games were held every two months (approx 8 weeks) I would say allow three weeks after the game for information to get back, I would work on things for three or four weeks and then have the updates out before the next game.

As for who we allow to play, I wouldn't recommend having it open to everyone, but I think it should be reasonably open to play. I wouldn't want to be the one who says who can and who can't play (because I am a lousy judge of character, always have been) but would probably choose the people who do.

Come to think of it, I see no reason why I would limit this to Melbourne only. There's enough people here in Brisbane who would probably enjoy this type of thing. If we ended up going ahead with this I can see me running two games in the same universe with allowance for cross-over between them.

So, who's interested? If you know people outside of LJ land (and yes, they do exist) who might be interested, please ask. I'd like to see if this is something I should follow up on.
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