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Went to Sexpo yesterday with Scott.

Interesting, but not as good as last years, in my opinion. I'll probably still continue to go, simply because it's always interesting.

One of the reasons it's interesting is it's target market. Primary target market for Sexpo is the DINK's (Dual Income, No Kids), with the secondary being the young singles and the young married couples with young kids. As a result, most of Sexpo is "normal" with just a hint of naughty. Being someone who's not "normal" (sexually at the very least) this means I tend to wander around Sexpo thinking to myself "Done that, done that, got one of them, they're not as good as they look, etc"

However, I think best moment at this years was while sitting at a table for a rest (Scott needed a break about half way through), watching Grandma and Grandpa at the next table over discussing the rather interesting vibrator/dildo that she's just bought! :)

As a favour for a friend I picked up a Smooth Shaver for her. While I was waiting for the payment to go through I spent most of my time looking at the stand that was opposite it, that of Bad Boys Australia. Think four well muscled men, all with the wide shoulders and narrow waists, wearing black slacks, black shoes and nothing about the waist. Drool!

While Sexpo is fun, I still want to see one of the southern states ones, which hopefully should be better. The one in Melbourne isn't till November (23 to 26) but who wants to go with me to it this year? *evil grin*

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