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Conquest flights changed

I've just rearranged my flights for Conquest.

Leaving Brisbane on Virgin Blue Flight DJ 344 at 21:30 on Friday 7 April, landing in Melbourne at 23:55, so I'll be in town for the wedding on the 8th.

I'll be leaving on Virgin Blue flight DJ 331 at 16:00 on Friday 21 April, landing in Brisbane at 16:00 with a strange man in tow.

I may have a strange woman with me for part of my time in Melbourne, as there is the potential to bring an assistant GM with me.

Nikki and Simon, I want to visit Anton's while I'm there, and I want you two to come with me. I value your opinions. If my filthy assistant is there, she wants to go as well. She has a thing for quality men's clothing, and you can't get much more quality than Anton's!

Of course, this change of plans reminds me that it's only just over 6 weeks until I fly out. Panic!!!!!
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