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Giving stuff away

Of course, the clean up of the computer room carried over into the spare room, and I started going through boxes and reorganising stuff in there. One thing that I found was a whole pile of fabric that I want to give away.

I doubt very much it will be any good for clothes making, but I'm sure the medievalist types out there would find a use for it. It was fabric from the Hitpoint (which has been closed for nearly 6 years now, which indicates how long I've had it for) and was mostly used in one of the rooms to make it look like the inside of a tent*. So, it's lots of wall hanging type materials, various patterns.

Anybody want?

* The Hit Point had four themed rooms for people to roleplay in. They changed over time, and it had at various stages a wizards dungeon, the inside of a tent, a forest glen, a comfy lounge room, a stark white operating theatre and a cyberpunk prison.

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