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Character list for Ball of Dreams

Basic character list is finalised for Ball of Dreams.

Ambition – Young man, athletic, driving.
Anger – Young man, strong-willed, physical.
Denial – Young man, artistic, scared.
Fear – Young man, timid, hiding.
Caution – Young woman, graceful, accommodating.
Foresight – Young woman, dreamer, floundering.
Need – Young woman, naïve, accepting.
Romance – Young woman, wishful, searching.
Chance – Middle aged man, eager, haphazard.
Despair – Middle age man, tired, aged.
Destruction – Middle aged man, authoritarian, structured.
Risk – Middle aged man, decisive, calculating.
Control – Middle aged woman, motherly, supporting.
Creation – Middle aged woman, cunning, lacking.
Desire – Middle aged woman, jaded, worldly.
Head – Middle aged woman, practical, wanting.
Heart – Old man, adrift, yearning.
Release – Old man, searching, pushing.
Sorrow – Old man, strong, brooding.
Thought – Old man, wise, laughing.
Hate – Old woman, empowered, forceful.
Innocence – Old woman, resilient, comforting.
Memory – Old woman, introspective, thoughtful.
Success – Old woman, settled, comfortable.

I haven't quite finalised which characters are in the game depending on numbers (game is 12 to 24 players), but this should give people an idea.
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