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I feel like I've been anally violated!

Wednesday night is poker night. Almost every Wednesday night we go over to Will's place for miscellaneous card games. Standard two degree's of invitation apply (ie: you can come to poker if you've been invited by the host, or invited by someone who's been invited by the host. Since most people who come along get a running invite, that can be a lot of people. Our current record is 15 people at once.)

Though the games are mostly poker, we also play a number of other betting games, including Screw Your Neighbour and Double-guts.

I lost big on Double-guts this week.

The rules to play are simple. Everyone playing puts in their ante (in this case ten players at 10c each), and then are dealt three cards each. The aim being to have the highest two cards (with a pair of Aces being the highest) or the lowest two cards (a two and a three). If you don't think you've got the highest or the lowest, you don't go in, and if you are not in, you can not loose any more money.

After cards are dealt, people determine if they are in or out, starting with the person left of the dealer. If no-one goes in, cards are handed back and re-dealt. If one person goes in, everyone else gets a change to re-consider, if still only one person, he get all the money in the centre, and the game is over. If two or more people go in, then we have a game.

Each person chooses high or low, and hides a coin in their hand for high, no coin for low. Everyone who's in then reveals their coin/no coin.

The one highest of the people going high and the one lowest of the people going low split the pot. If more than one person has the same highest or lowest hand, none of them win. If one person wins, they take all the pot, if two people win (one high, one low) they split the pot.

Then all those who did not win the pot who were in pay double the previous pot into the next pot. That's why the game is called Double-guts, each round costs double the previous pot if you lose, and you've got to have guts to go in!

In our game, we had three people go in the first round, with two winners. They each got 50c, and the loser paid $2.

Next round four people went in, two winners ($1 each), two loser ($4 each). Pot is now worth $8.

Next round two people go in, one winner (gets all $8) and one loser pays $16. Pot is $16.

Next round four people go in (myself being one of them). I go high, and the other three go low. However two of them have a two and a three (the lowest hand you can get) so none of them win. I get all $16, and all three of them pay $32 into the pot. The pot is now worth $96.

One of the house rules is that if the value of the pot ever gets to $100 or more, the game ends with the entire pot split between all players. Since the pot is now $96 it carries on, but will end if anyone looses on this pot.

I go in (I have a pair of fours, not too great, but I'm banking on no-one else having the balls to go in on a middle-of-the-road hand). Unfortunately, so does Tanya, and she also going high on a pair of Kings. I loose!

So Tanya takes the $96, I put $192 into the pot, which is then broken up into $19.20 per person, including me.

So for that game I won $16, plus $19.20 and lost $192. Overall I lost $156.80 on that game.

We then gave up on poker, and played Grass instead.

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