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So now we know.

Some of you may remember back at Christmas time that my mother experienced a weird pain in her abdomen that the doctors couldn't work out. Well, after much annoyance and testing they finally did.

As of about 4 hours ago Mum has had her appendix removed.

Originally the appendix was discounted as the problem due to the location of the pain being different to where the appendix was. However, we have since found out, about 1 in 10,000 people have an appendix that shifts causing it to be higher and deeper in than normal. Mum is one of those people.

Her appendix burst on the weekend, and as a result she was in a great deal of pain, so after many tests they finally worked out it was the appendix which was quickly removed. Mum will be in hospital until Saturday for observation (since it had burst there was a lot of bacteria in the abdominal cavity. They flushed it all out so it should be fine, but better safe than sorry), but is already walking and feeling fine.

That's a weight of my mind.
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