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Oops, I did it again

I don't know what it is with me and alarm clocks, but I keep on breaking them.

The thing is, it's not a big break. I don't destroy them or anything like that. It's only a small thing, and yet it's enough to render it completely and utterly useless for my purposes.

I have a clock radio for an alarm clock. I'm sure a lot of people do.

Large LCD display to show the time, with an alarm and a radio. Simple. On it there's a switch that has four positions. On mine the front position is radio on, second position is radio off and alarm off, third position is radio off and radio will switch on at the time set on the alarm, with the fourth (and rear most) position being that the radio is off and the buzzer will sound at the time the alarm is set.

When I go to bed I set the alarm to when I want it to go off and put the switch in the rear most position. When the alarm goes off I then switch it to front position to listen to the radio before I go to work. Simple really.

The last four clock radio's I have owned I have damaged in exactly the same way.

A month or two ago I noticed that sometimes when I put the switch into that rear most position the alarm light on the front wasn't lighting up. It was a simple matter to wiggle the switch a bit for the light to come back on. As the time has passed since then it's been getting more and more temperamental. Last night when I put it on I had to wiggle it a bit to get it into position. However, by the time this morning came around the switch had managed to wiggle itself out of position and the alarm didn't go off.

Luckily I have been setting the alarm on my phone to half an hour after the regular alarm, so that managed to wake me up anyway. I get up, turn the phone alarm off, and check on the alarm clock. At first I thought I must have turned it off when it went off and went back to sleep (something I am prone to do if I haven't had a good nights sleep) but the moment I touched that switch, whatever it was that had stopped connecting reconnected and the alarm light went on and the alarm started blaring out again.

Ok, it's official. I've broken another one.

I have no idea what I do them, but they keep on breaking the exact same way. Tonight I'll be buying myself a new alarm clock I think.
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