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Mac Attack!

I must be busy. I've had my Mac Mini for over a week and I haven't got around to posting about it.

Now, that might sound like a long wait for the Mac Mini to arrive, but it wasn't, sort of.

I ordered the Mac Mini on Wednesday February 8 from Myer and it actually arrived on Wednesday March 1 (three weeks). However March 1 was also the day that Apple announced and started selling the new Intel based Mac Mini's.

I don't know about you, but if I buy a top of the line computer, I don't want it to have been superseded before I even get it home. So I talked to the Apple guy at Myer about returning it and getting one of the new Intel ones instead.

The Apple guy had just come back from holidays so he was a bit overworked and didn't get back to me until the Friday while I was sitting in ozisim's living room in Sydney. He had talked to the management, and the said that since it was a custom machine, too difficult, not worth it, yada, yada, yada, and they said no.

Hmm. I could understand their reasoning, but I sure as hell didn't agree with it. I told him so and said that I was currently out of Brisbane, but I would follow it up after I got back.

Got back on Monday, didn't get around to it on Tuesday and rang him back on Wednesday asking who I needed to talk to. He said to talk to either of the two managers who had made the decision, but both of them were on holidays by that stage so that wouldn't help. He told me the name of another manager to talk to, but she wasn't answering her phone. He assumed she was on lunch and said he'd get her to call me back when she got back. Shouldn't be more than an hour.

An hour passed, and no call. At the end of the second hour I was getting a little bit ropeable. He rang back about then and said that he had talked to the management and they had changed their mind a would allow the swap, but I'd have to pop down to the shop and redo the paperwork again, because it was a new custom order. I had no problem with that and quickly went down there.

I have a feeling that Myer policy on something like that is to deny it straight away, but allow it through if the customer wants to follow it up.

Filled in the paperwork again, and it was re-ordered on March 8. For an extra $125 I get a machine that's about 4 times as powerful and comes with the Apple Remote and Frontrow, their media management software.

Thursday last week (March 23) I get a phone call from the Apple guy saying that it was in. Yay! Two weeks and one day.

So I wander down again and pick it up, and then wander down again to swap the video adapter that I had ordered for the right one (the accidentally put the wrong one in).

I got it set up Thursday night last week, and have had a bit of a play with it, but haven't had the time to do much more. Overall I have to say it's a rather nice system. I'm only running at 1024x768 since it's through the television, but it's fine for what I want it to do. The wireless keyboard and mouse are very elegant and easy to use, and have one thing that I have never seen on any other wireless keyboard or mouse: an on/off switch. Since I mostly use the apple remote I very rarely need to use them, so I have them switched off most of the time.

Once I come back from Melbourne and have time again I'll set everything up properly, but for the moment it's working ok.
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