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Busy, busy, busy

The bad news is that I don't think that I am going to have Powerplay finished before I leave for Melbourne. Don't panic, because it will be finished before the convention, just not by the end of this week when I was planning on having it done.

If I had it done by Friday then I could have it all printed and prepared, ready to run. Instead I'm going to have to get everything I can printed before I go, and finish it off in the week before the convention while I'm down there.

It's not going to be a problem, it's just annoying me.

Ball of Dreams and Friday Night Poker Club - Arkham Asylum Edition are going to be completed and printed before hand, so there will be no required work left to do.

Now for details of what's going on.

I depart on Virgin Blue flight DJ344 Friday the 7th, leaving Brisbane at 9:30pm, landing at Melbourne at 11:55pm. Can someone please give me a lift from the airport? I'd rather not be dealing with public transport that time of night, especially with all my bags.

The wedding is 3:00pm the afternoon of Saturday the 8th, with the reception at 6:00pm.

My Filthy Assistant will be arriving the morning of Thursday the 13th and that birthday party is that night from 7:30pm

Conquest is the 14th to the 17th (yay! Sleep dep is my friend) with the post con party afterwards.

My Filthy Assistant will be departing the evening of Wednesday the 19th, and I depart 4:00pm Friday the 21st, on Virgin Blue flight DJ331, landing in Brisbane at 6:00pm. I will most likely have a mareth_redorb in tow.

I have something Saturday afternoon at a friends place (he's a work colleague, and is leaving the place I'm at, so he's having a lunch thing that afternoon). I'm probably going to be Mik's taxi for the weekend as he plays catch up with people.

I then have a week to write a Paranoia tabletop and a Sci-Fi freeform for The Big Weekend.

Tuesday the 2nd of May I won't have anything on my list of things to do, and I'm looking forward to it.
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