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Begin Panic Now...

This time in 11 hours I'll be sitting on a plane about to take off.

I am so far behind schedule with things.

The games themselves are fine. Ball of Dreams and Friday Night Poker Club are completely done, printed and all the extra bits are done as well. Plus everything that can possibly be done with Powerplay is done at this stage, and I'll finish off the rest while I'm down there.

It's all the other stuff that I need to do that isn't. I've only just begun packing, I haven't had a chance to clean the house or get the spare room ready for someone to be sleeping in there, I need to do a small amount of shopping on the way home, plus I need to do some shopping during the day here, I need to walk down to the post office at some time and do up a money order for something I bought on eBay, and we're going to lunch today since it's going to be my last day here before Emilio leaves on the 21st.


However, Darryl is giving me a lift to the airport tonight, and I've just done my web check in, so at least that makes the airport side of things easier.

Panic, panic, panic.

Come 9:30 tonight things will be a lot calmer sitting on the plane, since by then I can't do a thing about anything that I've missed. Looking forward to it.

I have to say that packing with two insane cats in the house is certainly a challenge. Piling things up on the bed as I usually do, then Xavier comes barrelling through, stops, looks around, then runs off again in the direction he came, knocking clothes flying everywhere.
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