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First bit

Did a hell of a lot of stuff on Friday at work, and very little work. :)

Finished work at about 6:00pm, and headed home after doing a bit of shopping on the way (wanted to pick up more cat litter just in case).

Then it was panic time. Packing, reorganising the house ready for Darryl to stay for two weeks, getting the computers to talk to each other, locking Xavier in the bathroom so I didn't have to worry about accidentally packing him, making sure I have everything I need, worrying, and all in just an hour and a half from getting home to leaving for the airport.

Darryl drove me to the airport, and I got there in plenty of time. Due to the fact that all my packing was basically done in the 90 minutes before leaving my place I didn't get a chance to organise what I was talking, it was mostly just grabbing stuff and throwing it in my bags. This meant that when I got to the airport I got hit with excess baggage, with 36kg with a normal baggage limit of 20kg. Admittedly about 10kg of that was the games I was running at Conquest, so it wasn't all my fault! :)

Plan was delayed so we ended up leaving about 20 minutes behind schedule. I didn't really mind because I had good perving while I was waiting. The one guy I spent most of my time watching would be a perfect poster boy for the US Marines. Tall, well muscled, wearing a tight black tshirt and blue jeans. He spent most of the time while I was there standing at one of those internet kiosks so I had a lot of fun watching him as he moved in place.

Plane left and I was sitting next to a cute semi-asian boy, so again lots of watching while I was listen to my iPod. Jesus Christ Superstar (Australian Cast Recording) and the Fifth Element Soundtrack was my music of choice.

Mad up some time and landed 5 past midnight. Grabbed my bags and was met by Stephen and went back to his and Hilary's place. We stayed up chatting, so I didn't end up going to bed until about 3:30am.

We all staggered out of bed some time the next day, chatted again for a while and then had to work out what we were wearing to Thorfin and Carla's wedding. Eventually we left and mad our way to the Fairfield Amphitheatre for the wedding. We were delayed due to bad traffic around the MCG, but we managed to get there just in time for the ceremony.

It was in my mind the best wedding ceremony I have ever been to. It was short with none of the usual crap you get at wedding. Every part had meaning and reason, and was perfect.

Then there was a lot of mingling while photo's were taken, and after a while people went their separate ways before the reception. I went with Mark and Simon to a pub near the venue for a sit down and a drink before hand. Then we went to the venue for the reception.

The reception was a lot of fun, and it was great catching up with so many people. Thorfy and Carla's "wedding cake" was a pile of chocolate coated profiteroles almost a meter high, and dinner was small serves of about half a dozen different things that the wait staff kept on bringing out for most of the night. Really well done.

There was dancing, there was silliness, Roseanne used the term canoodling in her speech and Carla had a smile six foot wide on her face that I think will take at least a week to remove. Great fun.

Then after we got kicked out of there we reconvened at Polly's on Brunswick St. Eventually we made our way home and got to bed about 2:30am.

Hilary had work today. It's a good thing Sunday is a slow day. :)

My photo's from the event are up at http://pics.livejournal.com/halloranelder/gallery/0000ypyg?.view=grid. Enjoy.
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