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On line rego for Conquest is closed, so I have final pre-con numbers for my games.

Session B - Powerplay: 21*/48
Session C - Friday Night Poker Club: 23/24
Session G - Ball of Dreams: 23/24
Session K - Ball of Dreams: 6/24
Session M - Friday Night Poker Club: 8/24

*I have had another six people reserve characters for Powerplay who haven't pre-registered, so that makes it 27 out of 48 which makes me feel better. I want at least 30 players for it to run well (in my opinion) and I don't think there should be a problem with me getting that.

The only one I am worried about is Session K Ball of Dreams. I've pencilled it in as a minimum of 12 players (more is better, as per usual) so I would really like to see more people in that session. However, since it's the second session of the game, hopefully it should pick up more people after the first session runs. That's what usually happens.

Poker and Ball of Dreams are just about complete (and I've even done prop shopping!) with all that I need to do now is count up the poker chips and work out how many more I need to buy, buy them and the cards and finish putting the props together. Oh, and buy a new copy of Labyrinth. I left mine at home.

Powerplay will be finished by tonight. It should have been finished last night, but I figured that since I do have extra time to do this, I may as well use the extra time I have and I've enhanced a few things that I wasn't intending to originally.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to this.
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