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The Future

I have a plan.

Simply put, this time next year I plan to be living in Melbourne.

It's very simple to express, but very complicated to put into practice. I have a lot of work ahead of me to be where I want to be.

Part of that complicated process involves cutting back on things, and unfortunately that means I will not be going to Pheno as I was originally wanting to. The thing is, it's not really the money that's stopping me from going to Pheno. The actual cost involved wouldn't be that great, just the airfares down and back, since I have had a number of offers of accommodation. The biggest restriction is my stress levels.

Pheno is Friday evening till Monday (public holiday) night, so the bare minimum would be leave work early on the Friday to get down for first session, and then leave straight after prize giving and the post con party on Monday night so I could get home for work the next day. I'd be rushed, and wouldn't enjoy things as much with that sort of timetable hanging over my head.

The other option would be take Friday and Tuesday off work so I have a much easier (and less rushed) time travelling, but then lose three days off work (including the public holiday) which would increase my stress levels.

You see, I'm a contractor, so I only get paid for the time I work. Public holidays mean I don't work, so I don't get paid as much as I would if I worked. Holidays means that I get paid less accordingly as well. One day off amounts to about two days of financial stress as I recover so three days off would be a weeks worth of stress for me. Not good this close to my last lot of financial stress (two weeks holidays followed by two weeks of only four days each).

If I was running something down there, then yes I would come down, but as I'm not I unfortunately can't justify the stress it would create. Oh well.

That means that if I can help it, all my travelling for the rest of the year will be weekend trips only. Of course, I have said that I will run something at Unicon, so I will do so, and that would mean taking more time off around that weekend. However, that's not until end of September, so I should be able to manage that no worries.

That said, I am already planning a reasonable amount of travelling on the weekends. Next weekend (26th to the 28th) I will be down in Sydney for the weekend running a Shadowrun game! Yes, you heard correctly, I am flying down to Sydney to run a Shadowrun game. I'm nuts, I know this.

ozisim is organising things, and I think currently we have 5 or 6 players. I want up to 8 players so if you think you can handle a Shadowrun game in Sydney once every month or two (I've already booked the flights for the end of June) let her know. Amaya, if you are interested you can join in after you come back. I'll put the details in a separate post for those of you who are interested.

So, plans for the next year:

Flying down to Sydney once a month or once every second month or so, assuming this Shadowrun game gets off the ground. I will probably schedule a weekend visit to Melbourne somewhere in there as I don't want to wait four months until Unicon.

Unicon is end of September, so it will be down to Melbourne for a week or so.

Arcanacon is January next year, so it will be down to Melbourne for a week or so as well.

Conquest is early April next year, and that's when it starts to get messy.

My current lease expires October 31 this year. I don't think I'm going to be in a movable state by then, so I will probably extend it another 6 months, meaning it ends at the end of April next year, just after Conquest. If I get things sorted correctly I will be coming down for Conquest and not coming back, or coming down for Conquest and coming back for visits to get the last of the move sorted. Something like that.

So, that's my plan. Wish be the best of luck. I'm going to need it.
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