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Shadowrun: Escalation

Those of you not interested in hearing about my planned Shadowrun game can skip this post.

The name of the chronicle will be Shadowrun: Escalation.

I've got a copy of Shadowrun 4th Edition and like what I see, however, there's so much history from third to forth edition that I have decided that's what I want to do. Game will be run using 4th Ed rules, but starting in 2060 not 2070 and then we'll play through the intervening time.

I love the "big" games, and with Shadowrun that works so much better with the magically active characters, so all characters much have one of the following Qualities:
* Adept
* Magician
* Mystic Adept
* Technomancer

If a character goes the Technomancer route, they have two options. Since the wireless that the Technomancers need isn't in the game world in 2060 they will need to be fitted with a datajack, but I will not count it against Essence cost. Then they can either make the character Otaku (from the Matrix sourcebook, but using the Technomancer rules) or a wired Technomancer.

Because of the nature of the time the game will be travelling through, I would prefer that none of the players read any of the third edition books that have "In character" sections. Since these in character sections are done as posts to the Shadowland BBS, I will be making the appropriate information available to the characters at the right time in game.

As a result, I would prefer if the players do not read the history of what happens between 2060 and 2070 in the Shadowrun 4th Edition rulebook, and avoid reading the following books:
* All Shadowrun Adventures (no matter what edition or when published)
*Corporate Download
*Dragons of the Sixth World
*New Seattle
*Shadows of North America
*Sprawl Survival Guide
*State of the Art 2063
*State of the Art 2064
*Target: Awakened Lands
*Target: Matrix
*Target: Wastelands
*Threats 2
*Wake of the Comet
*Year of the Comet

I believe Loose Alliances and Shadows of Asia also have in game sections so they should probably be avoided until I get around to checking them out.

Renraku Arcology Shutdown has already been "released" in the game world so is available, and is probably reasonably common knowledge by the time the game starts (in game date for the first session will be 1 July 2060).

Character Creation Rules:

Characters will be created using the Shadowrun 4th Edition rules with 500 points, not the default 400. The required Quality (magic or Technomancer) does not count towards you maximum of 35 points in Positive Qualities. All character will be an established team with a reasonable reputation, and new characters added to the game will have ties with the team so they can be added easily. Working backgrounds out that work with each other is strongly encouraged.

In my game I run a variation where Biowear doesn't cost essence if grown and installed using special techniques. This grade of Biowear is out of the reach of starting characters without some fairly rich benefactors (ie major military or corporate history), so if players want to make use of this option they will have to provide background to back it up.

I don't mind a bit of friction within the party, but they must operate as a team. I do not want the team to be a bigger threat to themselves than their opposition. Sibling rivalry is ok, attempts to kill, maim or destroy each other isn't.

I want backgrounds. Lots and lots of background. I love background. I have a timetable of events that are part of the overall story arc, but I want to be able to double that at least with just information gotten from character backgrounds. Just be aware that if you take any sort of Amnesia or anything like that, I will use it to full effect!

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

I hope I didn't bore you?
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